Serving the Medical X-ray COMMUNITY Since 1991

Mission Statement: To earn the trust of medical/X-ray vendors by providing reputable service and support.

1) To assist medical/X-ray vendors with tools for “getting the sale”

Our goal is:
1) Our goal is to simplify the lease/finance process for vendors and salespeople with our simple slogan: “offer monthly payments and then call FINANCIALCORP”. Most medical X-ray equipment is “income producing”, and offering monthly payments for all equipment quotes will help create increased interest in the equipment quoted. Get started now by selecting the payment calculator tab and downloading our payment calculator!

2) We provide a variety of structure/payment terms to assist with the customer’s cash flow. Examples are $0 down/deferred payments (buy now/start payments next year), step payments & seasonal payments.

2) To support through the credit/funding process

The process includes:
• Quick & simple credit application
• Analysis of obtaining credit approval for harder credits (including start-up and existing chiropractors)
• Fast credit approval
• Constant updates throughout the credit/funding process
• Pre-funding (when deposits are necessary)
• Quick funding (with equipment delivery) with only faxed documents in many cases

Success comes from WHO you know not WHAT you know! FINANCIALCORP has 20 years of experience in the medical/X-ray industry. Our priority is to offer effective financial sales tools to assist in selling equipment. Once an application is received, we offer fast, flexible service, constant communication, very competitive terms, along with the highest percentage of credit approvals. FINANCIALCORP offers a proven track record of experience, with competitive solutions while providing a “One stop does it all”

closeFINANCIAL CORP provides equipment lease/finance options for medical practices including start-up

Medical Doctors (All Specialties) team

• Veterinarian
• Nurse Practitioners
• Physician Assistants
• Chiropractors
• Physical Therapists
• Radiology Technicians
• Hospitals

Flexible customer solutions to help customers to buy equipment and preserve working capital:
• Flexible terms including deferred payments up to 6 months (perfect for new or expansion practices)
• Up to 84 month (7 year) terms for equipment costing over $40,000
• Different buyout options at the end of lease (10%, Fair Market Value, and $1.00 Buyout) to assist
customers with monthly cash flow, along with the desired tax benefits for equipment purchased.