FINANCIALCORP – Trusted and Proven!

FINANCIALCORP was started in 1991 by Jon Vermeulen, who has been in the equipment lease/finance industry since 1985. He determined that most leasing companies were regional (and still are). These companies were not specialists in any particular industry. but rather worked with different equipment financing needs for restaurants, machine shops, construction sites, etc. An X-ray dealer mentioned that they received calls from equipment lease/finance companies, however, none could provide equipment financing for start up chiropractors or tougher credits. FINANCIALCORP had a start-up chiropractor program available then (AND NOW), and was able to approve the start up chiropractor! This began the journey to specializing on medical/ X-ray vendors nationwide, with a background and knowledge of them and their needs!

Equipment lease/finance companies – “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.
Several leasing companies say they can do “ANYTHING” including: having the lowest payments, or approving ANY type of customer credit. Most of these leasing companies are regional and provide lease/finance for all types of equipment like restaurants, machine tools, and tanning salons. Most are not experts in the Medical X-ray industry and don’t have the experience with different challenging problems that may arise.

“It’s way too easy to decline the harder credits, and approve only the easy ones!”
Our philosophy is simple, to know where and how to provide effective medical X-ray equipment finance solutions. Most medical/X-ray vendors don’t have valuable time to filter through all the different equipment lease/finance companies, only to gamble with one that doesn’t work. FINANCIALCORP offers experience, thorough, and competitive solutions; providing a “One stop does it all” for equipment finance.

FINANCIALCORP representatives have attended several RSNA’s over the years and now FINANCIALCORP has an annual food and drink mixer for Medical/X-ray vendors and their employees. Hope you can join us!

Accountability and a track record – FINANCIALCORP has been endorsed by two major associations of Medical X-ray vendors: Vision Imaging Partners since 2005 and NHD since 2008. These associations’ members/owners hold their supplier/vendors to a high standard, and if any of these “partners” (including FINANCIALCORP) aren’t effective or don’t deliver what they promise, they will be replaced or removed from these associations.

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